The media accused Boeing of concealing information about the risk of the peak of the new aircraft

On 737 MAX 8 and MAX 9 airplanes there is a function that is designed to prevent dangerous nose ripping.
Boeing has not warned the airline about the risks that arise when working with the new flight control system on the 737 MAX 8 and MAX 9 airliners, reports The Wall Street Journal, citing sources in the United States Federal Aviation Administration and experts involved in the investigation of the air crash. ship lion air in indonesia.

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It is noted that on these planes there is a function that prevents dangerous nasal tearing. In an emergency situation, the system can greatly lower it, and then the pilots, even in manual mode, will not cope with the alignment of the liner. As a result, the board may fail in peak.

Pilots interviewed by the publication said that the company did not report the presence of this function. Experts investigating the crash in Indonesia also added that data on these features are not available in management training materials. The source interviewed at the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States commented that Boeing did not speak about this function in negotiations with the regulator and market representatives.

Earlier, the media reported that after the crash, Boeing told about problems with sensors, warning companies around the world.

The Lion Air’s Boeing 737 MAX 8 crashed on October 29 off the coast of Java in Indonesia 13 minutes after departure from Jakarta. On board were 189 people, they all died.

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