The media showed a new aerobatics “Russian Knights”

At the Moscow Region airbase in Kubinka, the Russian Knights aerobatic team of the Russian Aerospace Championship was trained, the pilots demonstrated a new aerobatic maneuver – dissolution after gaining altitude. Personnel flight published channel “Star”.

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The flights were carried out on Su-30SM fighters, first the pilots performed group aerobatics, then four aircraft showed smooth approaches. Next, the fighters performed a “slide” with a turn, a synchronous “barrel” and a joint “loop of Nesterov”.

In the finals, the pilots showed a new figure, the dissolution after climbing, the aircraft almost vertically went up and then, at an altitude of about 1 thousand meters, dispersed to the sides with a large “flower”.

The channel notes that recently the composition of the “Russian Knights” updated graduates of aviation schools. “A lot of young people have come – this is the most important thing. There is, with whom and on what to work. The main task is for our business to continue, ”said the commander of the aerobatic team, Colonel Andrei Alekseev, to the TV channel.

“Russian Knights” have been performing demonstration flights since 1991; the group participated in the aviation section of the Victory Parade on May 9 over Red Square more than once.

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