The Ministry of Economic Development did not approve a draft law on the storage of data on domestic equipment

As explained in the department, this performance of the “Yarovoi package” can lead to an increase in operator costs, which in turn will affect the end user.
The Ministry of Economic Development (MED) of Russia rejected the legislative initiative of the RF Ministry of Telecommunications and Mass Media, which proposed to oblige Internet providers to use only domestic data storage equipment, as the anti-terrorism law package, called the Yarovaya package, obliges. The negative opinion of the Ministry of Economic Development was published on the official portal of draft legal acts.

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– An additional restriction for telecom operators in the form of the possibility of using equipment only by domestic manufacturers is associated with the risk of monopolizing the market and, as a result, monopoly high prices for equipment , the Ministry of Economic Development noted.

As summed up in the ministry, the result of the introduction of the bill by the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation could be an increase in operator costs, which ultimately would have affected the increase in spending by the final consumers of communication.

Also, the Ministry of Economic Development stressed that the introduction of amendments to the law puts an end to the process of preparing the existing equipment of operators for the execution of the “Spring package”, which may lead to disruptions in the timing of the actual implementation of the law.

Recall that the “Spring Package” entered into force on July 1, 2018. According to the document, operators are obliged to keep records of conversations and correspondence of their subscribers for up to six months, and organizers of information dissemination (ORI) must keep messages of users. At the same time, the problem, due to which operators are physically unable to comply with this law, has long been known: mobile operators cannot start storing conversations and user correspondence due to the lack of certified equipment. In turn, the use of non-certified equipment may entail administrative responsibility.

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