The most expensive painting in the world can be fake

The real cost of the famous canvas can be as little as $ 1,175.
The painting of the Italian artist and scientist Leonardo da Vinci “The Savior of the World” (Salvator Mundi), which is considered the most expensive painting in the world, may turn out to be a fake. About this newspaper New York Post.

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In 2017, the picture went under the hammer for 450 million dollars. The buyer of the “last masterpiece” of da Vinci was the Saudi prince.

Photo: © Flickr / the lost gallery
Photo: © Flickr / the lost gallery

Art critic Ben Lewis, in an interview with the newspaper, said that the staff of the London National Gallery deliberately concealed from the bidders before the sale, that the group of experts had not reached a unanimous decision on the authenticity of the work.

It is noted that of the five experts, two rated the picture as real, one considered it a fake, two more could not give an accurate assessment. Thus, the real cost of the canvas can be as little as $ 1,175.

In late March, the media reported on the possible disappearance of the painting “Savior of the World.”

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