The politician in a strange way blew out the candles on the cake, and now he is considered a stranger

Users on social networks continue to actively discuss why Mitt Romney did this way.

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Mitt Romney

My team surprised me with a cake made out of my favorite snack—twinkies! Looking forward to all this year has in store.

4:08 PM – Mar 12, 2019
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Utah Senator, Republican and former US presidential candidate Mitt Romney has become a social networking hero. The fact is that the American politician rather strangely blows out the candles on the cake.

Instead of extinguishing everything at once, Romney pulls them out one by one and only after that blows out. On the situation around Romney drew the attention of American journalist Bradford Pearson, who, in fact, published a video with a politician.

The recording, published by the journalist, was made from the day Romney was born. She reminded Pearson of scenes from science fiction films in which the characters, for certain reasons, found out that their friends were replaced by aliens.

In the comments to the publication, users suggested that the senator blew out the candles one by one for hygiene purposes so that saliva did not get on the cake. However, this theory was refuted, since the senator still blows out the candles over the cake.

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