The survey showed the attitude of Russians to the incident in the Kerch Strait

Most respondents tend to think that what happened was a planned provocation by the Ukrainian authorities.
The majority of Russians (79%) consider the situation with the detention of Ukrainian sailors near the Strait of Kerch as a planned provocation of Kiev as planned. This follows from the results of a survey conducted by VTsIOM.

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“The incident in the Kerch Strait is clearly perceived by the Russians as a conscious provocation of the Ukrainian authorities, undertaken by them with the aim of patriotic mobilization around President Poroshenko,” said Valery Fedorov, general director of the VTsIOM.

The study also showed that 87% of Russians are aware of what happened in the Kerch Strait. 70% of this number consider the actions of the Russian border guards to be absolutely correct with respect to the Ukrainian sailors. 23% believe that the detention was “rather correct.” And only 2% said that the actions of Russia were “rather wrong”, and another 1% considered these actions “certainly wrong”.

Every fifth resident of Russia (19%) believes that the provocation was made specifically to start a war between Russia and Ukraine, and 17% explain this as a reason to accuse Russia of aggression.

Recall, on November 25, 2018, three Ukrainian ships violated the border of Russia and were soon detained. During the interrogation, the sailors confessed to provocation. They are charged .

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