“There was no rudeness.” An official called to clean floors has denied the charges

She promised in the near future to resolve the issue of repairing the polyclinic, but stressed that she still considers maintaining cleanliness as the care of the medical staff.
Acting Deputy Governor of the Vladimir Region, Marina Chekunova, complained about the distortion of her words, said during a meeting with doctors in the Polyclinic of Strunino.

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– There is even nothing to refute. The phrase “golden fish” was used, but in a completely different context. There was no disrespect, no rudeness, especially – this is not my style of communication at all – there wasn’t one iota of citizens and respectable colleagues, she told TASS .

The official added that the issue of repairs in the building of the polyclinic will be resolved in the near future, but this does not mean that the problem will be resolved. Employees must constantly take care of cleanliness and order, she is sure.

“If I say that somewhere is unclean or careless, this does not mean that I am being rude to someone,” said Chekunova.

As Life wrote earlier, the scandal erupted after a meeting of the official with the clinics in Strunin. The acting deputy head of the region then declared that she was not a “golden fish” to fulfill all desires, and reproached the audience for the fact that the building had a dirty floor, no curtains, and no one was wearing boot covers.

Recall that the locals complained about the state of the hospital in Strunin during a straight line with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The head of state ordered a major overhaul in the hospital and clinic.

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