Three Russians included in the ranking of successful young businessmen Forbes

The magazine included Russians Maria Drokova and spouses Artyom Fedyaev and Daria Rebenko to the list of successful businessmen under the age of thirty.
Maria Drokova is the founder of the Day One Ventures venture fund (San Francisco). Previously, she turned Runa Capital into one of the most active funds in Eastern Europe. This fund invests money in startups like Superhuman, DigitalGenius, Piper and the site for parents Winnie.

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28-year-old spouses Daria Rebenok and Artyom Fedyaev launched Grabr service in 2015. He is looking for people in different countries who agree to bring some goods during his trip to various countries.

Forbes said that at the moment up to 900 thousand travelers and buyers are registered with the service. Spouses also managed to attract investments of fourteen million dollars.

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