Trump’s adviser made fun of the blackout during a Maduro performance

Presidential adviser on national security, John Bolton, ridiculed on Twitter the speech of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, during which the lights went out.

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“The light has faded for Maduro’s mafia in Venezuela,” wrote Bolton.

He attached a video of Maduro’s performance to the recording. It shows how, during the speech of the Venezuelan leader in the room, the light began to flicker. After some time, the light completely went out, with the result that Maduro was forced to interrupt the performance.

Last July, during a speech by US President Donald Trump in front of journalists in the White House, electricity was cut off for a few seconds at a time when the head of state spoke about the full confidence of American intelligence.

“I want to start by saying again: I fully trust and support the US intelligence services. I fully believe in our intelligence services, ”Trump said, after which the lights went out in the room.

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