UFC 236: Habib recognized his opponent, and Krylov won the 25th early victory

Today, April 14, the UFC 236 tournament took place in Atlanta (USA), which will surely be remembered for a long time by the true fans of mixed martial arts in bright and fascinating battles in the cage, including two super fight for the time champions of the organization.
UFC lightweight champion Habib Nurmagomedov learned the name of his next opponent. They became the 30-year-old American Dustin Poirier, who won this morning a brilliant victory over the current featherweight champion Max Holloway. According to experts’ forecasts, Max will have to go out to fight with Orel in September, but Poirier broke all prelaunch reflections into smithereens, having actually arranged a uniform beating to a more distinguished opponent.

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From the very first seconds, Brilliant suggested to Holloway his own rules of the game, nearly knocking out an opponent. Two starting rounds were held under the full dictation of Dustin, completely superior to the Blessed in the rack.

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The knee that cut Holloway!

2-2 heading into round 5? What’s your scorecard say? #UFC236

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08:14 – 14 апр. 2019 г.
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Информация о рекламе в Твиттере и конфиденциальность
In the third five minutes, Max managed to snatch the initiative from the hands of his opponent and showed furious “exchange” in the cage in the cage – what he can do best. Hawaiian began to hit much more often and stronger – and it seemed that Holloway would continue in the same spirit until the final gong, but in the fourth round Poirier started getting more accurate again, breaking the face of the opponent into the blood with a knee blow. In the final round, Dustin looked preferable, having managed to bring the most important duel in his career to victory by the decision of the judges. A bright and deserved victory for Poirier, guaranteeing him a meeting with Habib Nurmagomedov in the battle for the unification of the belts, which is tentatively held on September 7 in Abu Dhabi (UAE).

According to Orel, who did not hide the desire to see the winner of Max Holloway before the start of the fight, the logical outcome of this confrontation would be a draw …

In the co-main fight of the evening, the undefeated Israel Adésanya defeated Kelvin Gastelum in her corporate style, becoming the interim UFC middleweight champion (83.9 kg). To the credit of Kelvin, it is necessary to admit that he managed to give the prodigy from Nigeria a severe rebuff and at times looked preferable in the cage, but still Adesanya was able to pick up the ending of the fight and snatch the expected victory on points. Ahead of Israel is a unifying bout against Australian Robert Whittaker.

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🇳🇬 @Stylebender gets it done! #UFC236


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Информация о рекламе в Твиттере и конфиденциальность
Meanwhile, the African champion is not against the meeting with John Jones in the “superbeat of the masters of styles,” but, judging by the scenario of today’s confrontation, Adesanya is too early to pass the test with “Bones.”

Also, as part of the UFC 236 event, two fights were held with the participation of representatives of the Russian MMA. Nikita Krylov, a veteran of the organization, managed to get even for the defeat of five years ago with Ovins Saint-Prue. The first round was clearly not the scenario of “Shakhtar”, who actually spent the starting five-minute in the harsh arms of the 36-year-old American. In the second round, Nikita managed to transfer the opponent to the ground, pick up his back and defeat him with a choke.

The 25th early victory in Krylov’s career and the opportunity to restart his career in the best promotion of the world by getting into the top 10 rankings of the best light heavyweights of the organization. According to the native of Donetsk, he will not mind speaking at the planned UFC summer tournament in Sochi.

Chechen prospect of the medium weight category (77.1 kg) Zelim Imadayev suffered a first career defeat, thereby sinking his debut in the “octagon”. Borza rival Max Griffin was able to pick up the keys to Zelim’s bright fighting style in a cage consisting of endless takedowns and a clinch.


Griffin gets it done by majority decision!#UFC236

03:52 – 14 апр. 2019 г.
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Информация о рекламе в Твиттере и конфиденциальность
In the rare moments of the fight, when Imadayev managed to break the distance, the Russian tried to act more effectively than effectively, throwing out blows with a turn with his foot and elbows time after time, but every time these blows went into the milk … It will be interesting to see what conclusions he makes 24 -year-old Russian from his defeat, and we hope that in the next fight in the UFC, the matchmakers will offer to opponents a pronounced drummer, not a fighter.

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