Usik urged Ukrainians not to go crazy because of the elections

Ukrainian boxer Alexander Usyk addressed his compatriots, calling for them to stop watching TV. The athlete said that people are going crazy, discussing only the debate of presidential candidates.

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– Seriously, this is tin. Stop looking at this box, which pulls the remaining brains out of our head and turns them into an incomprehensible substance unfit for use in the future , ”Usyk said.

The boxer reminded the Ukrainians that the situation depends only on them: in order to change something in life, you need to make an effort, not to rely on others.

Recall that the second round of the presidential election in Ukraine will be held on April 21. At the end of the first round, showman Vladimir Zelensky and the current president of the country, Petro Poroshenko, entered it.

Earlier, Life reported that the debates of presidential candidates Zelensky and Poroshenko can be held on April 19.

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