Valentina Petrenko and her hairstyle left the Council of Federation

The senator, who has worked in the upper house since 2001, has already said goodbye to her colleagues and congratulated them on the upcoming holidays.
Senator from Khakassia Valentina Petrenko, who has worked in the Federation Council for 17 years, leaves the upper house. This was announced at a meeting on Wednesday. Petrenko was a member of the Social Policy Committee. In addition to public merit, her fabulous hairstyle brought fame to her. In one of the interviews, the senator even had to disprove the “alien” origin of her styling: it turns out that with a certain hair structure, a few hairpins are enough to build a “masterpiece”.

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At her last meeting, Petrenko said goodbye to her colleagues and congratulated them on the upcoming holidays.

In turn, the speaker of Sovfeda, Valentina Matvienko, called her one of the “brightest, enterprising and responsible” senators.

“In 1994, Valentina Petrenko, being an adviser to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, negotiated with four gangsters who captured about 30 people in Mineralnye Vody — schoolchildren and their parents who went on a trip to Stavropol, for which she subsequently received an order for personal courage,” she recalled Matvienko.

According to T ACC, instead of Petrenko, the ex-deputy of the City Council of Abakan Valery Usatyuk will represent this region in the Council of Federation. The relevant resolution was previously signed by the head of Khakassia, Valentin Konovalov.

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