Verkhovna Rada approved the break of the Treaty of Friendship with Russia

President Poroshenko’s initiative was supported by 277 deputies, only 20 voted against.
Verkhovna Rada approved the decision of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on the non-renewal of the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation with Russia. The document will be terminated from April 1, 2019. The decision was supported by 277 deputies, only 20 voted against.

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Note that the partnership document between the countries was signed in May 1997 by the then presidents Leonid Kuchma and Boris Yeltsin and entered into force in April 1999. The document enshrines the principles of strategic cooperation between neighboring states and was concluded for a period of ten years. The agreement was automatically extended for the next ten-year periods, if none of the parties expressed objections. So it was for twenty years.

For the first time, the intention not to renew the Treaty of Friendship with Russia Petro Poroshenko said in September this year. After that, in the State Duma, leader Nezalezhnaya was compared with an unqualified surgeon, cutting a 300-year joint history of the peoples of Russia and Ukraine.

Not happy about this decision in Kiev. The representative of the “Opposition Platform – for Life” Viktor Medvedchuk expressed fears that the termination of the Treaty of Friendship will primarily affect the Ukrainians. He noted that the contract guarantees the safety and protection of citizens of Ukraine in Russia: we are talking about three or four million Ukrainians who leave for work in Russia every year.

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